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JesterLand Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.

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An invitation for a job in the Commission, 2 days in the center of Europa!

2 days in Beograd

On this Very Street in Belgrade Your mother carried you Out of the smoking ruins of a building And set...


Around Pelion

Trikeri, Xoreuto, Agia Kuriaki, Potistika..Around Pelion in a weekend 🙂


A summer trip to Athens. Strolling around the streets, Moderat & Royksopp @ Release and Athens festival

Diving Lunch

Photos by Vasilis K. and his son JesteR 🙂

Nottingham – Loughborough

Hellas FilmBox Berlin 2020

In da Hood

Down the hill (Kala Nera)

After Thessaly Railways completed the construction of the 1,000 metre gauge lines from Volos to Larissa and Kalampaka (1886) they...

Up the mountain (Milies)

Milies is a village and a former municipality in Magnesia, Thessaly, Greece. It is a traditional Greek mountain village, at...


Kato Gatzea

2nd day of Spring

333 km

A trip to Edessa, Old Agios Athanasios and Kaimaktsalan!


66 days in the army (Samothraki)


Pozar & Voras

Salonika – A ride by the sea





La fin du début

A sunbeam, slender like a golden thread stretched from miles away, found its target in the third from the right...

Kapani Project

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